Version 0.4 = 10% Complete

AAS contains lots of features such as multilingual products description editor, attributes & specials manager, attributes copier, events calendar e.t.c. and in most cases it does things easier, quickier and much better than default osc admin panel.

Features :  indicates best features osCommerce osCommerce + AAS *requires AAS Addon
View products by categories    
Edit categories/products
All Edit (with the press of a button, all editable fields become available for input)  
Delete/move categories/products
Copy/link products
Multilingual edit product's description (live preview changes before saving)  
Sort products by different columns (15+ different sort options)
View product list displaying column values such as images, price, attributes, model, etc.    
Add custom columns such as products cost
Quick change categories/products sort order via drag n drop
Customizable category/product display per user
Mass edit selectable column value (prices, quantities, weight, e.t.c.)  
Create/edit expected products
Custom Time Clocks for unified shipping logistics  
Events calendar for administration collaboration between users    
Visual display of current online users + online users countries list  
Specials Product Manager (with AAS you can also directly edit or make a product special)
Products Export/Import Tool
Temporary Product Listing for mass management
Easily printable HTML AJAX pages  
Admin Access Control & Admin Edit Control (default for all admins or per specific ones)
Custom Administrative settings per user
Restrictive Administrative settings per user
Search for categories/products (AAS provides advanced search filters)
Quick Search for categories/products
Add, edit, delete products' attributes.  
Mass Copy products attributes (into selected products or to those that exist in categories)
Mass delete products attributes.
Smart Copy products attributes (add missing attributes quickly)  
Products attributes Visualizer  
Embedded Attributes Manager
Attributes manager
Tabbed dynamic attribute management system
Quick attributes creation/edit via ajax
Delete attributes options names/values even if they are associated to products
Add Products / Add Categories
Create a new product
Add attributes to NEW product
Clone/copy product for new product
Drag&Drop product images
Select where to store categories/products images
Manufacturers Manager
Create a new manufacturer
Drag&Drop manufacturer image
Sort manufacturer by different columns (3 different sort options)
Quickview manufacturer's product association
View manufacturer's web analytics
Reviews Manager  (once you use the AAS Reviews Manager you won’t be able to manage without it)
Reviews Manager
Sort reviews by different columns (4 different sort options)
View reviews based on customers or products
Publish/Edit/Reject reviews
Create reviews
Customers Manager
Customers Manager
Edit/Delete customers
Create customers
Payment Report  (the best report for any store manager)
Payments Report
Display report of date range based on payment type and/or order status
Quick & Easy Print reports
Create a map report to visualize continental payments received
Products Monitor  (a must for anyone that needs total perspective on their store)
Products Monitor Report
Visual table of missing values per product
Quick add missing values per product

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