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Fully equipped customer management. Displays customer's logons, last login, and last modification date. Edit the customer table directly to fix any customer entry

Special Features:

  • Send email to customers
  • Create customers
  • AAS version 0.3 and above.
  • osCommerce version 2.2.x and above
  1. John Barounis [ ]
Quick module demonstration by John.

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Module Cost:

Single Installation $29
Multiple Installations $69


Customers table

Customers table

Listing customers table display many columns such as Country, email address and Account created

Add new Customer

Add new Customer

Quick add customer using a form using jquery ui dialog popup

Edit Customers info

Edit Customers info

Using Customers Manager is very easy and quick to edit customers data (via ajax). You can even change it's password.

Send email to Customers

Send email to Customers

Send email to customers, preview email before sending it. Select all customers or those in newsletters or specific customer.

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